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 holidays & gatherings 
We love our property and share it often...
But it was also our home and we cherished it. It was never a mansion and it lacked any kind of architectural distinction but it was pretty and comfortable and welcoming.
A welcoming world of family and friends, of animals and gardens. Our ranch in the sky.  Our Home.
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 oaks, olives & flowers 
We bought our Malibu property in 1997 and it was anything but “Millionaire Malibu.”  It was then 13 acres with a horse corral, a broken-down old A-Frame house, a trampoline and a magnificent view. We gutted and renovated the A-Frame first and then turned our attention to the groves and gardens.
Sparky propagated oaks (Quercus agrifolia, coastal live oak) & brought in 600 olive trees which we harvested for the first time in 2008. We won a silver medal from the California Olive Oil Council for our oil.